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I'm always working to improve my performance of my little Gothling Wanda, and so I'd appreciate any questions, comments or pointers you feel like throwing my way. Some notes, however:

In lastvoyages  Wanda managed to survive October, only to run into more trouble when Rex Lewis's escape attempt damaged the Barge and cast everyone into the Land of the Dead.  

He was caught and things eventually returned to "normal", but she was angered by both what happened to everyone and the fact that he had gone back on his word to help her escape. As she had been hanging her remaining hopes on that escape, she was filled with both despair and outrage. This culminated in her taking the Wardens to task on why no one had told the general populace what was going to be done about Rex. Several lectures, veiled threats and insults later, she found her remaining faith in the Wardens as a group, and in the system they uphold, completely shattered. When Arthas offered yet another escape plan, she rather foolishly jumped at it, having no more hope of graduation.

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For lastvoyages : Seventeenth Hex [voice + spam]
do not wannnt
I can't believe this. Not a single mention of what is being done about Rex stranding and zombifying us all. No apology from his Warden for letting this all go on under his nose. No nothing. We're just expected to clean ourselves off and go back to pretending that nothing happened.

And the Wardens wonder why some of us captives are getting worse instead of better, and why almost none of us trust them at all.

Just...fucking unbelievable.

For lastvoyages: Sixteenth Hex [Video]
[Wanda is wearing an artfully slashed-up black T-shirt with a Guy Fawkes mask printed on it, and red leather jeans. Her makeup is even more Gothed out than usual and she looks a bit apprehensive.] 

Screw it. I may as well try.

This is Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch. Is anyone out there?

For lastvoyages: Fifteenth Hex: [Video+spam]
[Friends Filter]
[Wanda is in the hallway outside her room. She has fresh scratches on her face and is breathing hard but looks triumphant.]

Goddamn, but being a leathergoth has its advantages. They can't bite through my coat or gauntlets. Hi guys. Checking in just to check in. I'm going to join the search for the Admiral. Don't worry, I know better than to go without backup. Look after yourselves, all right? 

[Group Three Filter]
Heading for the Deck. Gonna keep this channel open. Note that I am not going alone. If we see or hear anything I will let you know. 

[Spam for Deck]
[Having made her way up the stairs with little incident aside from having to use the shine from her powers to light her way. Wanda crouched in the shelter of the stairwell, gazing around at the ashen wasteland  with her jaw set. She had something to do while they were on deck. Gazing across at the garden complex, she reached into her pocket for her single virgin beeswax taper. Maybe it was stupid, maybe it was too little too late, but...well. The Christians had their chapel, but there was nothing aboard for the Pagans. It was time to stake a little territory for an altar and make a little offering for the sake of both safety and success.

[Message for Group 3, somewhat later]
[Wanda sounds a little breathless.] Something strange is going on in the greenhouses. There's no sign of any corruption here so we don't think it's the bad guy. We have movement and something imitated my voice. We're going to investigate, but the gardens are a big area and we could use some help.

For lastvoyages: Fourteenth Hex [voice+video]
[friends filter]
[Wanda's voice is cold and flat.]

I know everything now. I know it all. My father did it. He had my memory altered to cover up his crimes against me.

[spam for Gym]
[Wanda has been in here a lot since well before Paris. For months she's been coming in twice a day; now she is in at least three times to work in combat practice with various people. She never complains, never hesitates, and there's a cold scowl that keeps getting fixed on her face more and more as her focus and determination grow. She literally works herself to exhaustion on a daily basis, rarely chatting or arranging for socialization afterward. In fact, besides the dinner shift and her usual appointments, the gym is the only place she is seen regularly.

Today she comes in for a shift at midafternoon, that same look fixed on her face, and starts stretching on one of the mats in the corner. A set of scratch marks from a hallway encounter trickles slightly on her cheek. She doesn't seem to notice.]

For amarvelofatime

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For lastvoyages: Thirteenth Hex [voice]
[All the false cheer. All of it.]

[private to Luke]
Hey, do you want a puppy? I promise he’s huge.
[private to Rex]
Hey, do you want that ebook reader I picked up from that one port? It’s full of good stuff and if all else fails you can use it for parts.
[Fail!Private to Loki and Drake]
Do you want any of my books? I’m getting rid of them. Oh, and Drake, my nail polishes, if you want a look.

[/false cheer]

[private to Admiral]
About what one would expect....Collapse )

For lastvoyages: Twelfth Hex [audio+spam]
[private to Admiral]
Predictable ravings about Franklin's graduationCollapse )

[open spam for...all over, really]
[Now she has two targets. That Duke guy...and Crane. And Crane especially she is determined to find. Today. Right now. She isn't going to stop until she's shut his flapping mouth. She doesn't plan to kill him, but she is sure going to kick his ass. Maybe then he'll quiet down around her. Maybe then people will stop assuming she's just a soft little victim.]

[Leaving Fozzie still snoozing on her crash mat, she starts methodically searching every single hallway and public area of the Barge from top to bottom. She fully intends to keep doing this until she finds Crane, someone stops her or exhaustion catches up with her. Her eyes are wet, sunken from lack of sleep and have a crazy look in them, her jaw is set, and she's dressed as the Scarlet Witch. Every once in a while little snaps of blue light sparkle around her fingers.]

For lastvoyages: Spam for Level 4 and Deck
[Wanda disappeared except for standing appointments throughout the Flood. Part of that was because she didn't know if she was affected or not and really didn't feel like spilling her guts to any random jackass who came along. Part of it was she was busy reading not one but two Warden files. And partly because she had been...working.]

[She has cut apart her box spring and used Rex's tools to dismantle and harvest every piece of metal from the goddamned thing. This, along with the hardware from her bedframe are now tucked away in her closet. She bundles up the remains and, along with the wooden parts of her bedframe, finally starts wrestling what she isn't keeping out the door.]

[Anyone on Level 4 can easily notice the stuff piled next to the elevator before she muscles it all in and makes her way up to the Deck. She's been told that she can just wish this stuff away, but she can't do that and keep the metal. And she needs that metal. Besides...destroying the bed and tossing it over the side piece by piece feels a little...therapeutic, in a completely crazy way.]

[She wonders if she is ever going to want to sleep on a mattress again.]

For lastvoyages : Eleventh Hex [voice+angst]
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[filtered to wardens]
Two days. Two days.

And the only reason he was caught and I was freed was that you suspected him of something else.

And one particularly heartless bitch among you even made jokes when I was reported missing.

[Crying hysterically]

Great job. Just fucking brilliant. Shows me just how much we can really rely on you.

[private to Tony]
Either you give me back my powers so I can protect myself, or you can come clean up my corpse. This isn’t fucking negotiable so you had better pay attention this time. GIVE ME MY BIRTHRIGHT BACK, YOU BASTARD!

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